22 July 2009

tips on writing a good

Writing is not easy. For some people, writing is an activity that hard to do. Not infrequently they have ideas but can not be poured into a paper. Many people think that writing is easy, but not necessarily his writings can be easily understood by people who read it. One of the good condition or not an article is when the text can be read and understood by the reader.
Therefore, the first thing to do is to diligently read the article or a variety of books, particularly those related to the topic you will write. The more diligent you read the book, the knowledge and concepts about a topic you will be more widely and deeply. Create a kind of outline. This is done so well organized writing. Make sure the writing short, dense and certainly not long-winded. The use of punctuation and the gap between paragraphs appropriately, do not you write a paragraph without punctuation, or a paragraph that consists of many sentences.
To have your writings attracted the attention of the reader, a good idea to give the title of interest, but do not be too much for the title and content of the writing still has relevance. Do not forget to make the lead (opening paragraph) of interest, contains interesting information or facts or even surprising. Finally, you should first read your writing before someone else read it. This aims to minimize errors in typing / writing. Ask yourself whether the writing is "easy to read?"

Good writing.

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Ivan Kavalera said...

Nice article, sobat.

phsyco_izzy said...

tul sob.... coz walu di dalam pikiran da ada tetapi terkadang susah untuk di tuangkan dalam tulisan...

Irfan Melodic - We Share a Universal Will Called Peace said...

Ya, setuju dengan anda Bu Monic. Menulis sangat beda dengan berbicara. Kita punya ide maka kita bisa bicara, namun ketika kita punya ide, belum tentu kita bisa menuangkannya dalam tulisan yang sistematis dengan nalar logis yang runtut.

Bagus bagus!

Datang juga ke tempat aye dan kometnar yah?

Thank you
Best regards,

Irfan Melodic Nugroho
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