14 July 2011

Writing for the NIRA

Palopo town, in town there was a woman who I love very much.
We met a year ago and we fell in love. I love her more than anything else.
** Nira, a beautiful name.
That's how people call her name.  unfortunately we both fell in love like water on the leaves.

why not?
We love eachother, but his family did not approve of our relationship. I don't understand, what's wrong and my sin so that his family didn't approve of our love.
We oppose any kind of intimidation. I knew he was in the struggle for unity in love with both of us. But it seems I can't see tears.

One day, I came to his house. I want to talk about our relationship with the mother of the woman, but it turns out, the mother of the woman didn't agree with our relationship because she will marry a man. We are both devastated and my heart like shattered. She cried constantly. though we are sad, we are still trying to unite our love, the love that has grown in our hearts, but I guess I was not able to survive.

So, I hope you hate me, if it can make you smile again. You already know that my love is so great for you. Maybe i am not heartless, but all of it because I love you. Now, I let go with your mother's decision to marry another man, I don't want you to rebel against your mother. And I hope you're happy with the guy your mother choice.

I tell you frankly, that I suffered greatly, but for the sake of your family unit, I am willing to release you. but you need to know, my love will never die on you .....NIRA.

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